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Susan Winter, Equestrian

I reside in the sleepy corner of Leiper’s Fork.  As an Equestrian professional, I understand the specific needs of those with livestock and acreage.  My equestrian and country living interests reflect my love for life, the joys of animal husbandry, and the near-spiritual nature of my horses morning breathe as it steams from their nostrils! That may sound a bit esoteric and over the top, but for those of you who have animals of your own, you know exactly what I speak of.

Having been a horse owner for more than a decade, I don’t limit my small stable to just the big animals. I have enjoyed goats in the past,  and have had my chickens providing me with eggs for a long time. What an amazing joy it is to be in, with, and around my animals. And if there is one thing I have learned since moving to Tennessee, is that we are a community of animals lovers. We are here for each other. My horses get out – I can count on one of you to bring them home or keep them safe until I return. And the same from my end, I will always protect and care for your animals that go “on the lamb” and need attention, just as you would do for me.

We are a fantastic community here in Leiper’s Fork and this part of my website is for me to share with you what is happening in my corner and maybe even share what is happening in yours, if you would permit!

Phone: (615) 538-7638



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