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 About Susan Winter

Hello! And welcome to my home on the web. Let’s start with a little about me.

I reside in the sleepy corner of Leiper’s Fork.  I am a Realtor, Artist, Equestrian and Consultant serving the Middle Tennessee area. From a large family myself, mother of four and grandmother of eight, and as a deeply spiritual person, all of the elements of my life that I list below make me who I am.

Realtor: As a Realtor, my specialty is New Construction and Equestrian Properties in Williamson County.  I also enjoy the excitement of matching the first time home buyer with their dream of ownership as I walk them through the steps of the process.

Artist: As an artist, I enjoy taking both my inspirations, and yours, to life in an artistic as well as practical “something”.

Equestrian: As an equine professional, I understands the specific needs of those with livestock and acreage.

Consultant: As a consultant, I cut my teeth at building when I built my own home from the ground up! If you don’t think the process is a learning experience, let’s have coffee and discuss. Wow. But now I combine that experience with my Realty profession and knowledge of Equine and other farm issues, and my consultancy is of value to you.

Community Member: As a mother of four, I am keenly aware all of us are concerned about great schools, safety, and plenty of room to grow and experience this world around us.  Call on me for those occasional volunteer opportunities, coffee meetings, or opportunities.  We certainly want to be there for those in our community when they are in need.

My life and business philosophy is simple:  Strive to deliver a positive experience for every friend, customer, and person in need. Hold me to it! Demand of me no less than you’d give of yourself.  I promise, my heart and soul will be of service wherever and whenever possible.



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